1. What is Rewards by Offineeds?

Rewards by OffiNeeds is an initiative by OffiNeeds.com. At Rewards, you can redeem your voucher against the 25+ brands across categories like Apparel, electronics, e-com, travel, home needs and more. Jewelry to movies, spa and beauty needs, we have everything covered! From employees to colleagues and friends to customers, Rewards by Offineeds has been created to add joy and excitement to gifting experience. With Rewards, the recipient can now choose Gift Voucher of their favorite brand.

2. How do I redeem my rewards voucher?

Please Click Here

3. Does a reward voucher have an expiry date?

The reward voucher has lifetime validity, can be redeemed during any time.

4. What are the options of your reward vouchers?

We provide three options:

A – Direct Emails to the person who is being rewarded

B- Physical reward coupons with customization in envelope size.

C – Gift cards with customization: it’s fully premium look if you want this you have to give extra charges of Rs. 50.

5. What if I exceed the amount of the rewards in my voucher?

If you exceed the rewards in your voucher, it cannot be processed. Please make sure your cart has products only worth your rewards voucher.

6. Are the rewards vouchers applicable to store only?

Few reward vouchers can be redeemed in store also. Please go through the terms and conditions of brands mentioned in products page.

7. Are there any terms & conditions?

There are certain terms & conditions. This may vary from brand to brand. You can look into additional information tab in product page for the detailed information.

8. I want to redeem my rewards voucher at the physical store, but the store does not accept it. What do I do?

In-store vouchers are specified in their terms and conditions. Few stores are only on-line. Please go through the list before redeeming your voucher.

9. Will I receive a confirmation of my purchase of rewards voucher?

On purchase of your rewards voucher be it in any kind, you will receive a mail as confirmation.

10. I have a registered account on Rewards by Offineeds. Should the person/company whom am gifting rewards to, also needs to be registered?

Person or company who is redeeming it need not be registered in our website

11. I have lost my voucher via email or sms. Can I get my voucher again?

No, gift voucher can’t be re-created.