Corporate Orders


If your company has a milestone to celebrate or if you need to create an on going Rewards program, Rewards by OffiNeeds is the best solution for you. Here are 2 variants. You may choose whichever suits your requirement:

Be it target achieved by your team, victory in a tournament or rewarding your best performing dealers.



Reward Coupons are ideal for adhoc gifting requirements that may come up any time. If you would like to create an ongoing rewards program for loyalty or performance, Reward Points may be a better option for you.

Here’s how you can Reward Coupons in just 3 simple steps!


Step 1: Order as many Reward Coupons as you want in the denominations of your choice

Step 2: Choose delivery Method


Delivery Method




Option A

Excel + PDF

Choose from 8-10 designs. You can add logos, etc.

48 hrs


Option B

Direct Emails to Rewardees

Choose from 5-6 templates. You can modify the templates as you like.

48 hrs


Option C

Physical Reward Coupons

Choose from 8-10 designs. You can add logos, etc. Printed coupons with envelopes will be sent by courier.

4-6 days

Rs. 20 per coupon


Step 3: Distribute the Rewards and Celebrate the Milestone!


Want to create a loyalty program or a performance based rewards program? Be it for your team, your customers or your dealers, nothing will motivate them more than receiving Reward Points into their account frequently based on a program designed by you. Reward Points are perfect for such situations.

NOTE: Reward Points are apt only for long term programs. For adhoc requirements, Reward Coupons are a better option.

Here’s how you can use Rewards Points for your existing Rewards Program:

Step 1: Identify a SPOC(Single Point of Contact) for all coordination with respect to Rewards Points for your Organization.

Step 2: Share the list of all Rewardees, so that we can create an account for them on the Rewards portal. You can also add or delete anyone from this list anytime you like.

Step 3: At any frequency that suits you, email us a list of rewardees, points to be credited to them and the description for those credits. You will receive an invoice for this and as soon as the payment is made, points will be credited to their account.

More: You will receive monthly reports on how your rewards program is performing. You will get full support from us for any queries/customization that you may need.


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